Friday, February 13, 2009

"Wow, I'M FAMOUS!!!! Who would have thought...

Wow, this past summer for the first time I landed a print ad for Radio Shack. It was my first time going to casting call and I landed a national ad... I will be in over 500 Radio Shack locations across the country, and I am totally blown away. My mother has been asking me almost daily since I did the shoot; "When is it coming out". Well mom, their it is... Your little boy is plastered all over the place. Lately so many wonderful and exciting things have been happening to me. Some may say it's luck, but I say there is no such thing as luck. LUCK is when preparation meets opportunity... I am truly BLESSED and HUMBLED!!!


  1. Marika sent me those pictures last night. You look so HAWTTTTT... I can't believe my best friend is a super star... :)