Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jason Wu... How about you?"

He said he was inspired by fairy tales, particularly a book of illustrations by Arthur Rackham that he had as a child. His focus, now more than ever, was dresses. A princess gown with sweeping skirts in midnight blue and silver point d'esprit closed the show, and before that came a pair of memorable body-skimming sheaths. For me, it's apparent that being the chosen designer for Mrs.Obama inaugural gown played a part of this BEAUTIFUL yet practical collection.
This photo doesn't do this frock any JUSTICE at ALL... The fabric is a navy polka dotted organza that flows like water in a moving stream...

My favorite word" FABULOUS"!

WOW! Stunning!!!
These are three great pieces that will work throughout any girls closet. This is layering at it's best. This skirt is just the right pop of color for fall, just enough to freshen up your current fall wardrobe... If you can't afford Jason Wu then visit your nearest vintage store, because the skirt is definitely a vintage silhouette...
This is such strong bold blue. It's electrifying!
This is very flirty and lady like. I love the ruffles. Can't you just see the first lady(Michelle Obama) wearing this to a luncheon...
Fabulous daytime dress. Any woman could wear this to the office then right out to dinner or a cocktail party.
When you think of a tweed suit you think of old lady tweed... Well not here! This is such a fresh twist on a tweed suit. Look at the jacket it's a very flattering shape for any body type. You can tell that Jason really pays attention to the woman's body and is always conscious of all body shapes.
This is so June Cleaver. Its a modernized version of June's classic look from the 50's. Look at Jason's interpretation of June's pearls. For those who don't know who June Cleaver is GOOGLE it... This look is very befitting of any first lady(Michelle Obama)...HINT! HINT!
This is the perfect silhouette. Sexy,sophisticated and classy all rolled into one... I love the shoulder detail.

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  1. love the sophisticated fluidity on each design very elegant , very feminine!