Tuesday, February 3, 2009

John Paul Gaultier shows off his 51-year-old RUNWAY BEAUTY...Inès de la Fressange.

As the voluptuous 51-year-old strutted down the runway, the crowd cheered this one-time French queen of the catwalk. Clearly moved, she turned to wave at old friends.
Mr. Gaultier, also caught up in the moment, chased the former supermodel down the runway and practically wrestled her to the ground during the final moments of the show catching her just before she fell. I will give Gaultier his props for showing us that beauty is truly ageless.
We live in a society where we celebrate youth and mourn aging. Well, that has to stop! Beauty comes in all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors. With age come wisdom and an understanding of life. So let's celebrate life by embracing ageless beauty, wisdom, and knowledge.
Enough about that!!!!! Let talk FASHION...... the collection is really incredible. Gaultier has really gone back to his roots, the ones that made us all take notice. His impeccable tailoring is what we have grown to love about all of his work. Well, this season(Haute Couture Spring09)he's given us something to talk about. Broad shoulders that are reminiscent of 80s glamour. Taking us back to Joan Collins (Alexis) from "Dynasty". Back when shoulder pads ruled the board room and signified power amongst the fashionably elite of the that time.
Photo: Alessandro Lucioni / ImaxTree / style.com


  1. I usually dont pay too much attention to jpg but i liked this collection a lot. and ines! such a nice touch.

  2. Inés, one of my favorites. she is the epitome of elegance. timeless beauty. Bravo Gaultier!!!