Sunday, January 25, 2009


I was never the kind of little boy that watched sports, played sports, or even cared anything about sports. I can remember staying up watching Fashion Trance on FASHION TV all night long. It was a channel dedicated to nothing but fashion.They played all the runway shows from the current season. I was in heaven. At the time fashion was the only thing that interested me. So here we are 25yrs later and I am still up late at night with fashion on my mind. I love seeing the shows. All the girls stomping down the runway to beat of music that sent them into a walking frenzy. I love seeing the collection come to life right before my eyes. Take a look at the Lanvin Spring 09 collection and see if this does not prove that video is so much better that still photos. I LOVE LANVIN!!!!!!!!!! Albert Elbaz never lets me down.... Each season just gets better and better. photo/ jalou stlye video

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  1. I love love the first look on this post. Such an amazing color and style