Sunday, January 25, 2009

Isabel Toledo this is your moment.....this is your time!

I bet that when Isabel Toledo woke up on Tuesday morning she had no idea that she would be a part history. In fact part of one the biggest history making days of our life time. Mrs. Obama chose her design to wear as her inauguration ceremony ensemble. Mrs. Obama couldn't have made a better choice. It was timeless, elegant, and just enough without being too much. IT WAS PERFECT!!!!!!
I meet Isabel and her husband Reuben about 2yrs ago at Barneys. We had our FASHION in the Park event and she was the featured designer. At the time she was designing for Anne Klein. It was an attempt to breath new life into that brand. However she was bigger than the line. Shortly after the show in Dallas, they announce that she would no longer be designing for the brand. I was glad because she was to FABULOUS for that line and what they(Anne Klein) were attempting to do with the brand.
Yesterday we had a client that stopped by to see the collection and was appalled that we didn't carry it. In fact she asked, WHY!!!! Well I had to explain to her how buyers purchase far in advance than the season that we are in. I felt as though I had offended her. She just wanted to see it as though it was a museum exhibit. Now if this is any indication as to the future of Isabel Toledo then her future is definitely bright.
photo from /yahoo news

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  1. I agree with you. She is the designer of the moment.